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This page is here to help you get the most out of our Discord server. It’s like any other server, but has a bot to help out and do cool things. If you have any suggestions on how to make the server better, please let me know!

Rules #

  • Don’t be an asshole.

Categories/Channels/Rooms #

The topic of each channel will give you a hint on what they’re about. Here’s a more in-depth explanation on some of those:

  • Automatic Game Rooms - See “AutoRooms” below.
  • Game Specific - If we have a large amount of chat based on one game, we make a channel for it. This de-clutters the other channels. If we have a game specific channel for a game and you message in a different channel, Mods can (and should) remove your message.
  • Moderation - See “Moderation” below.
  • Specialty - If you’re part of any secret groups, they will most likely appear here. Otherwise, the mod log and AFK channel are here, at the bottom of the list and out of the way.
    • Bot Interaction - If you want to use the bot, but don’t want to annoy others, you can DM her, or you can message her here. It’s up to you to turn off notifications for this channel!

Commands #

Rem is the bot that helps out on the Discord server. Learn more about commands here.

AutoRooms #

Instead of multiple short-lived voice channels cluttering the server, we have one AutoRoom. Simply join the “Create New Game Room” voice channel, and Rem will move you into your own special voice channel.

You own this channel. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Feel free to rename it, change visibility permissions on it (to make it private), or kick people out of it.

In this way, anyone can create their own (temporary) voice channel and do whatever they want with it. Once everyone leaves the voice channel, Rem will delete it to clean up.

Streamer Role #

When you start streaming a game, you will have a special Streaming role applied to you. This boosts you up in the player list so that others can see you and hopefully start watching you.

Moderation #

If you’re an exceptionally great/trustworthy person, we can make you a Mod on the server. With that power comes great responsibility, so go and learn about how to use your power for good.