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PCX Discord Server Commands

How can I listen to music? How can I search for spicy memes? How can I set reminders for myself? Learn all of this and more below!

How-To & Help #

All commands on the server will consist of a prefix and a keyword. The prefix is what tells the bot to interpret your message as a command. The first command you should learn is Help:


This is the help command. When you use it, the bot will reply back with all of the commands you can use. Here (and every other command listed on this page), you can see the prefix [p] is used. You would simply replace that with your preferred prefix. Any of the following are acceptable as a prefix: . ! / . Thus, any of .help, !help, or /help would execute the Help command.

[p]help [command]

You can also use the Help command to get information on another command. Again, replace [p] with your preferred prefix.

Rem #

Rem is the bot that helps out on the Discord server. Some skills include listening for commands, helping with moderating, and managing the AutoRooms. Most commands can be run either in a text channel, or when directly messaged to Rem.

The features listed below are going to be the most popular ones. There are of course other, more hidden commands or skills that Rem has. I strongly urge you to check the [p]help command (above!) to see all the commands you have access to. I will try to keep this list up to date.

Music #

Probably the most prominent feature of the server is the ability to have Rem play music for you. While in a voice channel, you can type these commands into any text channel.

Play #

[p]play [url_or_search_term]
[p]p [url_or_search_term]

Have Rem start playing a song. You need to be in a voice channel for this to work. The url can be pretty much anything, such as YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer, or even direct links to audio files. YouTube playlists will even load all songs into a queue to play.

You can also use search terms to find a song. Very useful if you don’t want to search for a song yourself.

If Rem isn’t playing anything, she will move to your voice channel and begin playing your song. If she is currently playing music, she will queue up your song to play after.

Example: [p]play don't stop me now

Queue #


Show the current queue of songs.

Skip #


Skips the current song. If you were the one that queued up the song playing, it will skip immediately. Otherwise, a vote will begin, where more than 50% of the listeners in the voice chat room will also have to [p]skip before the song is skipped.

Pause/Resume #


Pauses or resumes the current music playing.

Stop #


Stops the music, and also clears out the current queue. Be considerate with this, especially when others are listening and have submitted songs.

Tools #

These commands are useful for accomplishing tasks.

Report #


Using this command will have Rem direct message you. The reply to that direct message will be forwarded to the Mods/Staff, who will then get back to you hopefully quickly. Use this to report other users privately, or report something wrong with the server. You can even directly message Rem with the command [p]report, if you want to be even more secret about it.

Reminders #

[p]remindme <reminder_text>

DMs you a reminder when the time is up. Use it as if you were asking the bot to remind you.


  • [p]remindme in 8min45sec to do that thing
  • [p]remindme to water my plants in 2 hours
  • [p]remindme in 3 days
  • [p]remindme 8h

The actual format, for those curious, is both [p]remindme [in] <time> [to] [reminder_text] and [p]remindme [to] [reminder_text] [in] <time>, with time being the only required part.

[p]reminder list
[p]reminder remove [#|last|all]

Manage your current reminders. You can then remove either a specific numbered reminder, the last created reminder, or all reminders.


Removes all of your reminders. Same as [p]reminder remove all

Pokémon #

[p]pokedex <pokemon>

Search for information on a Pokémon. Examples:

  • Regular: [p]pokedex pikachu
  • Megas: [p]pokedex charizard-mega y
  • Alola: [p]pokedex geodude-alola
  • Forms: [p]pokedex hoopa-unbound
  • Variants: [p]pokedex floette-orange

Note that for megas, you would normally just list the Pokémon’s name, with a “-mega” after it. If they have two different forms (Charizard and Mewtwo, for example), you would also have to list “x” or “y” after it as a second argument (with a space before it, as shown above).

[p]pokemon <command> <arg>

Get information on things in the Pokémon universe. Values for command:

  • item - Get information on an item
  • location - Get a Pokémon’s catch location
  • moves - Search for a Pokémon’s moveset
  • tmset - Get a Pokémon’s learnset by generation(1-7)

Example: [p]pokemon location eevee

Decision Making #

For when you can’t make up your mind…

8-Ball #

[p]8 <question>
[p]8ball <question>

Ask the magic 8 ball a question. Questions must end with a question mark.

Choose #

[p]choose <option_1> <option_2> [option_3] ... [option_n]

Have Rem choose from a list of options. If a choice in [p]choose has a space in it, surround it it double quotes.

Example: [p]choose "Unreal Tournament" Minecraft "Rocket League"

Coin Flip #


Have Rem flip a coin. That’s it. Nothing else.

Random Number #

[p]roll [number=100]

Have Rem roll a die. The die will have [number] sides, default being 100 sided.

Roll Dice #

[p]dice [expression]

So [p]roll wasn’t good enough for you, huh? You want to roll more than one die at a time? Fine! I went and created a custom command just for you! You are able to specify any die expression, and Rem will user her dice bag to roll it, add it, and give you an answer. You can also see what the results are from each die roll, so you know no one’s cheating.


  • [p]dice 2d12
  • [p]dice (6d4+5)*2
  • [p]dice (3d10+4)*1d4+7

Web content is better when shared with others in Discord.

Giphy #

[p]gif <search_terms>

Returns the first gif from a giphy search.

[p]gifr <search_terms>

Returns a random gif from a giphy search.

Imgur #

[p]imgur search <search_terms>

Returns 3 random image from Imgur based on some search terms.

Google #

[p]lmgtfy <search_terms>

Creates a Let Me Google That For You link, for when others don’t know how to do basic web searches.

Example: [p]lmgtfy PhasecoreX

Wikipedia #

[p]wikipedia <search_terms>
[p]wiki <search_terms>

Performs a Wikipedia search and returns a summary.

Example: [p]wiki markdown

Urban Dictionary #

[p]urban <search_terms>

Performs an Urban Dictionary search.

Example: [p]urban Ryan

Games #

Rem can also host some text chat games.

Trivia #

Rem can host a trivia game in a text channel. You need to be a quick typist for this one.

[p]trivia list

Shows all of the trivia categories available.

[p]trivia [category]

Start a game of trivia with the given category.

Example: [p]trivia whosthatpokemon

[p]trivia stop

Stops the game of trivia. Rem will stop the game on her own if no one responds to her questions.