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PCX Discord Server Moderation

This is just a copy of what was in the #mod-welcome channel. I even left the emoji Discord text. I will clean it up eventually…

Congrats on becoming a moderator! 🎊

You’re here because you are a trusted member of the server. The moderation category has been opened up to you, where other moderators and admins can freely converse amongst each other. You now have a few extra permissions up your sleeve to keep this server as cool as possible:

  1. Manage messages - Clean up any clutter in any text channel as you see fit. This can be cleaning up bot chat garbage, or cleaning up a members out-of-taste chat messages. Simply hover over a message, click the triple dot that appears, and click delete. Remember, you can have Nadeko help you by using the “!cleanup” command.

  2. Kick and ban members - Pretty self explanatory. If a user is invited to the server and they end up being terrible, you can kick them. If they keep joining, or are especially terrible (spamming, hate speech, inviting a bunch of assholes, etc.), you can also ban them, with a reason, so that the rest of us knows what’s up. Nadeko can also help with this as well, with the “!ban <user> [days] [reason]” command. It will ban the specified user, optionally deleting the last X days worth of messages they have sent, and optionally with a reason. I recommend running that command in the #bot-moderation channel, so that non-moderators don’t see this.

  3. Manage members nicknames - If they put an offensive nickname, you can change it.

  4. Control members voice chat - You can server mute or server deafen a member. You can also move members to other voice chat rooms.

  5. Mention everyone - If you need to notify everyone, you can use @everyone or @here to send alerts to everyone.

  6. View audit log - In the server settings, you can look at the server log. This will tell you everything that has happened on the server, from invites created, to channels created, to members banned. Pretty useful.

Given these new permissions, please don’t abuse their powers! These should only be used for keeping the server a nice place to hang out at, not to make hilarious pranks and otherwise belittle the regular members. After all, we can all see what moderation has been done with the audit log, so anyone abusing their powers will be demoted. 😜

Remember, we’re all here to help each other out and to keep this a fun place to hang out. If you have any questions, let one of us know!