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PCX Mumble Server

Yes, it’s still around! No, no one really uses it…

If you want to use it, first you will need to have a PCXServer account with Mumble permissions. Reach out to PhasecoreX for info on this.

Next, you want to download and install Mumble from here, or if you are on Linux (yay!), install from FlatPak/your distributions package manager.

Once you launch it, go through all the initial setup and generate an automatic certificate. In the Mumble Server Connect window, click “Add New…” and fill in the server info:

Port: 64738
Username: (your PCXServer username)
Label: PCXServer (or whatever you want it to show up as)

Click “OK” to save the info. Now you can double click the server in your server list, listed under the Favorite section. For this first time connecting, it will ask you for a password. Enter your PCXServer password, and you should connect to the server! Your password will be remembered in the Mumble client.

If you have any issues, reach out to PhasecoreX. Enjoy!