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Hello world!

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Those of you who have visited my website previously may have noticed that something may look a bit different: what used to be a forum for friends is now a blog for one. Kind of a big change, but I have reasons why this is probably the best idea I’ve had this year so far:

  1. No one was using the forum. The last time a user logged in (besides myself) was in 2016. Over a year ago!
  2. I was only using the forum for server status updates and tutorial posts. Something that a blog like this can accomplish quite easily.
  3. While writing code or doing server maintenance, I’ll occasionally search the web for anyone who has run into an issue that I’m having. More often than not, the solution is posted by a stranger on the web, in their personal blog. I’d love to be able to write my notes down in hopes that it helps someone in the future.
  4. It’s 2018 and I haven’t made enough changes to my server yet.

Because of these reasons, it made no sense to keep a full-blown forum running 24/7. With WordPress, I’ll be able to post what I already was doing on the forum, while also realizing my dream listed in point number 3 above. For those wondering, I am planning on writing about:

  • Server Management (how-tos)
  • Computers (how-tos, mainly Linux, perhaps some Windows occasionally)
  • Code (how-tos)
  • My server’s status
  • Random funny crap

I’m actually quite excited for this transition! Once I get things all set up, I will be posting a couple of old posts from the forum (they’ll probably be needed in the future), and then I’ll begin my new life as a blog owner.